Booking Tickets

The Oriental Jade Hotel will assist you in providing the following services:

- Flight tickets
- Bus tickets
- Train tickets

Please contact us directly via email for further assistance.

Upon booking train tickets with us, you will also be offered complimentary round-trip transportation from The Oriental Jade Hotel to Hanoi Train Station. Please refer to the list of trains below. 

Train Rate Note
Sapaly Express US$45 per person/way - High quality wooden cabins with air conditioning (4 sharing soft sleeping berths per cabin).

- Price includes picking up and dropping off: The Oriental Jade Hotel - Hanoi Train Station and Hanoi Train Station - The Oriental Jade Hotel.
Chapa Express US$45 per person/way
Fanxipan Express US$45 per person/way
King Express US$40 per person/way
Livitrans Express US$38 per person/way
Orient Express US$38 per person/way

*During peak times of the year, such as public holidays, extra services may be laid on. For up-to-date schedules, prices and bookings please kindly contact us directly via email:


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